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Soothe Your IBS Pain and Discomfort With Your Own Personal Coach.
We understand the complicated relationship between IBS and healthcare, so we designed Zemedy as a way to lift the daily burden of your health. Uncover proven and effective ways to ease stress and anxiety through our behavioural therapies while getting to know yourself and your triggers.
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Ace your plot, pacing, and characters in every screenplay you write.

Certain elements need to be in every story outline and every character arc. This pair of apps helps you ensure they're all present in your screenplay.

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Enhance Gmail to get your Google Inbox features back. Darwin Mail aims to help you be your most productive when dealing with emails & todos.

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PlanPlus Online is the ultimate digital planner and organizer that you can access from anywhere on any device.

For more than a decade, PlanPlus Online has been the favorite with leaders, achievers, dreamers, and goal setters? Why? PlanPlus Online takes you every step of the way from determining your life’s purpose, engaging your values, and acting on your most important tasks every day in order to live a productive and flourishing life.  

PlanPlus Online is the all-inclusive online planner.
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With Goalify - the easy to use habit tracker app - you will have everything you need to manage repeating tasks and To-dos, track your habits, improve your overall persistence and productivity, and reach your goals.

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Todo Cloud is perfect for students, working professionals, stay-at-home parents or retirees who need to track all types of work from simple shopping checklists to multi-person projects. Users call this an indispensable app that is easy to get work done. This is so simple it can replace all your hand-written lists and yet it is advanced for multi-step projects across time and teams. Todo Cloud is easy to share work with others. When they finish a task, you'll get notified.

Set a task alert to trigger when you have arrived or left a location. Now when you get home, you have your task list present or when you pass by that store, don't forget to swing in to buy that certain item.

Not only that, but advanced recurring logic allow you to repeat tasks when completed or by date.

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FocusMe is the most powerful App and website blocker for windows Mac and Android

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