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Align your mind, body & spirit with the power of hypnotherapy.
Includes three hypnotherapy audios designed to help you get your whole mind working toward your wellness goals.
The guided hypnotherapy sessions included will help you:

These audios can be listened to in any order, 3x weekly for best effect, leaving you feeling amazing and energetically aligned every day!
Reach whole being wellness with Lynnsey Robinson's 'Align with Wellness: Hypnotherapy Bundle'.

From recipe to table in less than 30 minutes.
Get fabulous, straightforward gluten-free, vegan recipes at your fingertips.

Keep it simple and delicious with Julia Shannahan's 'FriFran's 30-Minute Autumn'.

The Relaxation Meditation Album is a complete toolkit for relaxation, containing:
- three calming meditation tracks
- a bonus relaxing music track
- a beautiful PDF meditation journal.
At the end of a long day when you’re struggling to switch off and de-stress, the Relaxation Meditation Album will guide you to calm your body and mind with simple and effective meditation techniques.

Chant along – or just listen – as Frans Stiene chants 4 sets of one-hour Japanese Healing Chants.

If you are wanting to work at your own healing then NOW is the time. Take this opportunity to either listen or chant along as Frans opens the door to healing through these traditional Japanese chants.

In each class, Frans introduces new material for the listeners to learn and chant along to or simply absorb and allow their energy to be lifted and cleared.

Hypnosteps Self Hypnosis Esteem Builder I & II - These two mp3 recordings are the fastest way to release anxiety, pump up confidence, and feel good about your self. In less than 10 minutes you can:

-release self doubt and fear
-boost self confidence
-feel inspired to take action!

Slip on the headphones, relax, and let the positive suggestions sink in. These paraliminals deliver two tracks, one voice in each ear, for advanced results.

Perfect to use before public speaking, dealing with a difficult boss or coworker, meeting with family, going on a date, or anytime you need a boost in self-esteem.

Be Energetically Tuned to Infinite Receiving and Inner Joy!
Receive a constant flow of money, opportunities, people and gifts! RECEIVE what you ask for -- often very quickly!

This fully channeled gorgeous, easy to follow, soothing 25 minute guided energy alignment meditation works well! This is a ""light altered state"" meditation.

RECEIVING BONUS! When you are feeling Joyful what you desire flows effortlessly to you! The Instant Joy Process is included with the Receiving Alignment Meditation to connect you with deep inner Joy.

“Moore Master Coaching Demos & Debriefs” is the fastest and most inspired way for coaches to learn and grow. Observing the master in action is a powerful form of education. Modeling works on a different area of the brain, opening awareness and deepening understanding.

Learn how to:

– How to handle difficult situations

– Masterful skills being applied in real world sessions

– Different styles, interpretations, rhythms and niches

– How to “dance in the moment”

Walk away with a least one new idea you can implement right away into your own practice. Choose one of 3 MP3’s. Includes a bonus and CEU.