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Don’t have time for a full social media marketing course? Just need the basics to get your business growing? This 10 point checklist will get you started towards a successful social media marketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram!

Whether you’re brand new to social media marketing for your business, non-profit or advocacy work, or just need a refresher, this will help you create an efficient, time-saving social media marketing strategy! These Top 10 strategies will help you:
– make meaningful changes to your online presence
– get to know and engage with your customers
– know where to allocate your energy and time
– help you see social media as a local tool.

This Top 10 list is a mini-course wrapped into a 1 page PDF!

This bundle contains: Ashley Emma’s list of her most recommended online jobs and business ideas with links on how to get started, her checklist of how to stay productive while working at home, PLUS her favorite sellers she hires on Fiverr from virtual assistants to web designers

-Ideal for those who want to make money online or start their own online business
-Ideal for entrepreneurs who want to outsource work to others so they can free up their time
-Learn from several work-at-home and online business professionals on how they stay on task and tune out distractions with Ashley Emma’s Legit Work-at-Home Jobs Productivity Checklist, plus discover her extensive list of her most recommended ways to make money online
-Ashley Emma has placed over 500+ orders on Fiverr–learn from her experiences
-Save hours of trial and error and money trying to find the best sellers. Ashley has done the work for you!