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Your easy to customize, plug & play website template designed specifically for coaches.
Make an impact online with the only website templates designed specifically for coaches. For each template you can plug and play the content, colors, photos and fully customize everything you see!

The Life Coaching Visual Starter Pack includes a selection of 30 hand-picked mind maps designed to provide coaches with a step-by-step visual framework for coaching their clients.

No longer will you be stumped and not know what to do when your client faces a problem.
Use these visual techniques, processes, and models to empower, inspire, and challenge your clients to get the best out of their ability in every situation.
Whether you're new to the coaching industry, want creative ideas for coaching your clients, or simply enjoy working visually, then the Life Coaching Visual Starter Pack is the perfect tool for enhancing your coaching practice.

Avoid legal tangles in less than 30 minutes.

Few things put people into a cold sweat quite like legal matters. You want a lawyer-approved contract to protect your business - but without the lawyer price tag. That's where the Freelance Contract template comes in.

Use this contract whether you're providing services or hiring a freelancer yourself.

Permanently slam the door on writer’s block and cut your writing time by up to 50%.

Stir your creativity, generate ideas, and access pre-made blog post templates to help you quickly write your own blog post in your own voice and style. Blog Post Shortcuts are:

Enjoy an entirely new way to write faster and better with Karon Thackston's 'Blog Post Shortcuts'

Get transparent with US Privacy law in 20 minutes.
A website Privacy Policy is like car insurance. Everyone’s required by law to have it, but not everyone does (and probably isn’t excited about having to get it). Your Privacy Policy tells your site visitors exactly what you do with the personal information you collect from them, answering questions like:

A Privacy Policy is required by law for all U.S. websites that operate nationwide and collect any type of personal information from visitors, customers, or users. Drafted by a lawyer, this Privacy Policy template is GDPR-compliant for EU users.

Stay on the right side of the law with Autumn Witt Boyd's 'Website Privacy Policy Contract Template'.

Achieve any goal with this visual framework tool.

"The MasterMind Matrix" chart provides a visual overview and roadmap for the achievement of any life objective. It presents you with a framework of steps you can use to overcome obstacles, solve problems, and attain your desired goals.

Use the chart to help you better understand your behavior and how you might potentially be sabotaging your progress as you work toward your goal. Use it as a guide to help you work through challenges that stand between you and your desired objectives in life.

Also, included as part of this stack is a selection of 10 hand-picked mind maps that complement the MasterMind Matrix chart and provide you with key insights on how to reinvent your life and achieve your objectives.