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5 Days 5 Figures: How to Create and Monetize a 5 Day Challenge

5 Days 5 Figures: How to Create and Monetize a 5 Day Challenge

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LaTisha Styles
LaTisha Styles, founder of CreatingCoins.com
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Challenges work because people naturally have a desire to prove themselves.

We want to show that we can do it. That we are capable. That nothing will stop us.

That’s why a 5-day challenge is one of the BEST ways to grow your list. I never expected to make five figures from a FREE challenge, but that’s exactly what happened.

Do you want to create a challenge to grow your list? Learn how in this special masterclass.

You’ll also get a 7 day launch guidebook so you can implement in just one week and a challenge launch checklist so you don’t miss a step.

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July 17, 2020
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