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50 ways to make survival tools from trash and household items

50 ways to make survival tools from trash and household items

This book contains a compilation of articles written by Ken Youngquist, founder of Survivaltek. It shows fifty ways of using common man-made resources to make tools in emergencies. Learning and applying some of these techniques could literally safe your life in a survival situation.

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Thank you for your purchase! These survival skills can be a great asset when faced with a survival situation buy helping you to recognize the resources that surround you.

Ken Youngquist
Ken Youngquist, founder of Survivaltek
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With this ebook you will learn how to use duct tape to make a magnifier; how a plastic bottle can be used to start a fire, and how combining a soda can with a potato chip bag can be used to pasteurize water. These tips and many more can help you be better prepared in emergency situations.

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March 2, 2021
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