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Awesome Homeschool Planner

Awesome Homeschool Planner

Our homeschool planner gives you over 300 individual pages for parents and students to choose from and create your own customized homeschool planner. Included are biography, book report, spelling and vocabulary pages for students. Also included are state forms, medical records, charts, & calendars.

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Galadriel Grace
Galadriel Grace has been homeschooling her six children for over twenty years under the name Heritage Grove Academy. Heritage Grove Academy French and History homeschool books have been featured in reviews on both Cathy Duffy and with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.
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The Ultimate Planner for the Homeschooling Parent

Planning your homeschool year has never been easier with Heritage Grove Academy's Awesome Homeschool Planner. It's the homeschool planner with everything you’ll ever need to completely plan and personalize everything for your students from K-12. It's packed with:

• Over 300 individual pages for parents and students to choose from and create a customized homeschool planner
• Includes letters of notification, medical records, portfolio covers, evaluation forms, progress report cards, attendance records, objectives, and dated calendars for year-at-a-glance and monthly
• Planning pages include options for: subject planning, yearly planning, quarterly planning, weekly and daily planning, daily and weekly schedules, chore charts, book lists, curriculum wish list, and more!

Also included: notebooking pages for students with biographies, book reports, root word studies, hymn studies, spelling and vocabulary list pages, and portfolio covers.

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April 7, 2021
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