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Beat Bloating

Beat Bloating

Discover the cause of your bloating, and the changes you need to make to eliminate it for good.

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Katherine Maslen
Founder and CEO of Shift, clinical naturopath, nutritionist, author, speaker and host of The Shift Podcast.
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Discover the cause of bloating, and how to eliminate it for good.
If you’re experiencing bloating or indigestion, this course will help you understand the reasons why, and the first steps to take to heal your gut and beat bloating.
In this 7-day mini-course, we’re going to help you discover the cause of your bloating (and how to dig deeper for answers), and coach you on the changes you need to make to eliminate it for good.

What you get!

  • 7 video tutorials with PDF guides to help you stop the bloat.
  • Diet and Symptom diary to track food reactions.
  • Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free recipe booklets.

Give your digestion the love it deserves with Katherine Maslen's 'Beat Bloating'.

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November 24, 2021
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