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Body Brain Balance Beginners Guide

Body Brain Balance Beginners Guide

Explains the theories behind Chinese nutritional medicine, how foods are chosen according to the 5 elements, and the 5 emotions plus cooking styles appropriate for the seasons.

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I hope after reading my ebook you look at food, what you eat and how you combine and cook food in a different day.

Dolores Baretta
Owner of 2 Chinese medicine practices, founder of the Body Brain Balance Guide
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Access a Comprehensive Approach to Healing your Brain, Gut, and Body.

Discover the healing theories behind Chinese nutritional medicine, the best foods to eat according to the 5 elements and the 5 emotions, and explore cooking styles appropriate for each season.

  • Identify your body type and diagnose your health problems plus access menu plans according to sex, body type, and age.
  • Get an in-depth explanation of supplements and tests that can benefit you and how to treat a variety of health issues for both men and women.
  • Handy reference guides listing foods, their nature plus your own diary you can use to document your healing journey.

Find the balance between the body and brain with Dolores Baretta's 'Body Brain Balance Beginners Guide'.

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April 14, 2021
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