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Ditch the Fear and Just Write It!

Ditch the Fear and Just Write It!


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Thank you for downloading "Ditch the Fear and Just Write It!" I hope it gets you on the path to putting your book into readers' hands!

Alexa Bigwarfe
"USA Today best selling author, author coach, and publisher "
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Conquer your writing fears with this workbook ready to coach you from start to finish.
You know you have a book in you, and you want to write and publish it. But as soon as you start thinking about it, your palms get all sweaty, you start to breathe faster, you come up with a million reasons why no one would read or buy your book. So, you put it off. Again. This workbook is packed with tips and insight from successful authorpreneurs to get you past your uncertainties and straight into writing, in a simple-action oriented format. Discover:

  • Tools, strategies, and advice from other female authorpreneurs who took the plunge and wrote their book to grow their business
  • Mindset work to get you past your limiting beliefs and the motivation to get moving
  • How to write and plan your outline and the first draft

Free the book in you with Alexa Bigwarfe's 'Ditch the Fear and Just Write it!'

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June 9, 2021
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