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Fundamentals of Energy Healing

Fundamentals of Energy Healing

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Dorothy Rowe
Dorothy Rowe, enegy healer, teaches how to live longer, happier lives through profound self-healing.
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The Fundamentals of Energy Healing course offers practical technologies to awaken your ability to heal, manifest, and connect more deeply with yourself and others.

Energy healing allows us to find the origins of illness or concern. Our attention then activates the body’s innate healing potential. The area that was suffering returns to its essential healthy nature. This non-invasive process is easy to learn and practice.

-Learn the #1 most powerful tool to heal yourself with energy.
-Navigate the ocean of consciousness to find the seeds of illness.
-Discover simple and effective techniques for self-healing.
-Reclaim your personal power through healing self-sufficiently.

BONUS: This course includes a recording of a full energy healing webinar: "How We Embody the Divine."

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August 13, 2020
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