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How to Rock Facebook Live Videos With Confidence

How to Rock Facebook Live Videos With Confidence

Get the Facebook live video strategy to keep the attention on you as an educator and entertainer and increase sales and build community, for free!

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You rock! Live video is a game-changer and I know you're ready to be the best. I've got you covered every step of the way in this class. Don't worry about looking fancy, all you have to do is be you! The world needs your message. Thanks for letting me teach you how to broadcast it. Go out and be seen and heard!

Lisa Pezik
International Best Selling Author and Speaker, Global Online Business Strategist and Content Expert
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Increase sales and build community on Facebook, for FREE!
Power up your brand with the free, easily accessible business tool that allows you to connect with your audience quickly and effectively. Gain the confidence and how-to-steps to rock your live video! Perfect both for the beginner or anyone who wants to maximize this powerful free marketing tool.
Learn exactly what to say to keep the attention on you as an educator and entertainer, plus…

  • Get a walk-through on the best equipment set up (if you decide to use it).
  • Discover the inside track to exactly what content converts and smart strategies to keep your viewers with you to the end.
  • What to do with your video afterward to generate even more clients and sales, plus a comprehensive list of super-easy do's and don'ts to guarantee your best video success.

Deliver high converting videos like a pro with Lisa Pezik's 'How to Rock Facebook Live Videos With Confidence'.

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October 6, 2021
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