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Inbound Marketing Book

Inbound Marketing Book

For professionals who want a proven three step no BS system generates quality inquiries weekly.

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I very much appreciate your interest in my best selling book "Inbound Marketing Book". If you want to know more about putting inbound marketing into place in your business please just reach out.

Tom Poland
Bestselling author of the Leadsology® series and has started and sold numerous multi-million dollar businesses.
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Get a proven three-step no-BS system to generate quality inquiries.

You'll discover:

  • Three Joint Venture partner archetypes: The Missionary, Mercenary, and Merchant and the specific key for each one to unlock a flow of new clients.
  • How to quickly grow a large, high-quality email list that is 35x more likely to buy from you than leads generated from any social media platform.
  • How to mine the gold in Linked In with a simple two-step message.
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July 21, 2021
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