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Inner Power of Chakra Healing Meditation

Inner Power of Chakra Healing Meditation

Heal yourself of physical, psychological, and emotional distress - even chronic issues - without leaving your home or speaking with anyone

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Woowoo! Welcome to my family ;-) Please make sure you check out www.SandeepNath.com and click the contact button to drop me a line! See you inside this powerful program! Enjoy it :-D

Sandeep Nath
Inner Power, Energy, and Mindfulness Coach
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Heal yourself of chronic physical, psychological, and emotional distress.
Learn how to invoke Chakra Healing Energy on demand, at will. Sandeep provides a practical meditative process for the complete beginner and explains 'how to mediate' with a clean slate.

Since he has had the benefit of learning from masters from across India, China, Tibet and Japan, he offers an unmatched blend of foundational knowledge and practical application.
The cause of dis-ease (physical, emotional, physiological or psychological) is (in energy terms) the blocking / contamination / stagnation of energy, the healing process is effected by diluting it with an abundance of universal energy. Here's where you learn how to do that.


  • Experience a communion with life force energy (Qi) and feel lighter and clearer.
  • Learn how to meditate for peace and tranquillity within 5 minutes a day.
  • Heal everyday issues like headaches, stomach upsets, colds, and pains in minutes.
  • Gain access to Sandeep Nath online to discuss specific issues as and when needed.

Use the power of the universe to heal yourself with Sandeep Nath's 'Inner Power of Chakra Healing Meditation'.

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Lifetime Access
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November 24, 2021
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