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Keto Challenge

Keto Challenge

Get into fat-burning mode safely and healthfully, with professional support!

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Thanks so much for purchasing the Keto Lifestyle 2.0 bundle! Please send me questions any time and keep me updated with how you're doing on your keto journey.

Erin Skinner
MS, RD, IFNCP, CPT, founder of Real Nutrition RX, author, podcaster, and Registered Dietitian featured in Glamour, Metabolic Meals, Eating Well Living Well Magazine, and Paleo Magazine Podcast.
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"Lose weight and reduce inflammation with ease.
This 30-day blueprint created by a keto dietitian makes it simple, fun, and delicious to follow a ketogenic diet safely and effectively.

  • Explore self-paced instruction for getting into ketosis and how to avoid common keto mistakes
  • Understand the hows and whys of the keto diet so you can maximize its benefits
  • Access 4 weeks of complete, delicious meal plans and shopping lists (including 'no-cook' and dairy-free options)
    Enjoy additional online support from a registered dietitian and an active Facebook community.
    Burn fat, and eliminate pain the keto way with Erin Skinner's 'Keto Challenge'."
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February 4, 2021
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