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Keto Party Plan

Keto Party Plan

Let’s celebrate your special occasion without suffering consequences on the scale.

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Becky Gillaspy Gillaspy
Founder of Dr Becky Fitness LLC, author
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Celebrate your special occasion without suffering consequences on the scale!
Zero deprivation! Seven unique and delicious recipes that will wow your guest from appetizer to dessert! Your friends and family won’t believe you when you tell them this is how you eat to lose weight! They’ll beg you for the recipes.

Perfect nutritional breakdown for your keto lifestyle! Eat a serving from each recipe and you’ll get about 73% calories from fat, 19% from protein 8% from carbs. That’s the great keto ratio!
Celebrate every course the keto way with Becky Gillaspy's 'Keto Party Plan'.

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November 24, 2021
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