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Love, Lineage & Legacy

Love, Lineage & Legacy

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Desda Zuckerman
Desda Zuckerman, spiritual teacher and founder of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine.
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Love, Lineage & Legacy

Love, Lineage & Legacy is a transformational video course where you will examine the lineage you’ve received from your family, the legacy which you are passing on to the future, and the way that you love.

Ram Das said, If you think you’re enlightened, try spending a few days with your family. With Desda's guidance, you can fundamentally redesign that relationship for yourself, and those you love.This is not a psychological practice or a quick fix. It is a deep spiritual healing.

Your family lineage need not define you
Your legacy need not limit you
The way that you give and receive love can be your most authentic expression

Desda Zuckerman has led thousands to be their most authentic self.
Join her for Love, Lineage & Legacy

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August 13, 2020
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