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My Podcast Reviews (6-month subscription for 2 podcasts)

My Podcast Reviews (6-month subscription for 2 podcasts)

See all your podcast ratings and reviews from Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podchaser, Castbox, and more so you can know, engage, and grow your audience through the power of podcast reviews! Plus, get a smart "LovethePodcast.com" page you can easily share to help you get more ratings and reviews!

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Thank you for using My Podcast Reviews! I'm confident you'll be satisfied with the service and will enjoy getting and using more podcast reviews! If you ever need help, please reach out through the chat or contact form on the site and I or Steve will be happy to help you!

Daniel J. Lewis
Podcast-industry expert, educator, and advocate. Award-winning host of The Audacity to Podcast and creator of My Podcast Reviews.
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Product description

My Podcast Reviews is the first and leading tool to help you know, engage, and grow your audience through the power of podcast ratings and reviews!

  • Save time by getting automatic alerts for new ratings and reviews from nearly 200 places.
  • Integrate with multiple other services.
  • Share your reviews on social networks or in your podcast to engage with your audience and help promote your podcast.
  • Monitor your own podcasts and even your competitors to learn how you can improve your podcast.
  • Get a smart and speakable "LovethePodcast.com" page for each of your podcasts to display the right links to your audience to rate, review, and subscribe to your podcast.
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6 Month Access
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November 5, 2021
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Step 1. Click the button below.
Step 2. Click "Start my free 6-month trial!"
Step 3. Complete the signup form and click "Sign up."
Step 4. From the Welcome page, click "Click here to add your podcast(s)."
Step 5. Search for your podcast by its title or your name and click "Add."
Step 6. Click through to watch your ratings and reviews pop up, or check your email for all your reviews.
Step 7. Relax and let all your ratings and reviews be automatically checked and delivered any day they come in.
Step 8. Don't forget to claim your LovethePodcast.com URL and start using it in your podcast and everywhere else!

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