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Myofascial Meridians: Foundations

Myofascial Meridians: Foundations

Gain the keys to living pain-free and go from being ‘Average-to-Good’ to ‘Consistently Amazing’.

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Thankyou sweet friend, may the keys to health contained in this Masterclass benefit you and those you care about deeply.

Dr. Jimi Wollumbin
Founder & CEO of One Health
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Gain the keys to living pain-free and go from being ‘Average-to-Good’ to ‘Consistently Amazing’.

After 21 years of clinical practice, I have come to expect to provide 80% of my clients with a significant to dramatic improvement in a single session. I’ve known for a few years now that the technique I use consistently provides results that are generally not thought to be possible.

I believe I can teach you this technique relatively quickly and easily. It’s actually very simple once you have the basics. All you need are three things:

  • the map of the myofascial meridians.
  • the 4 compass points of somatic medicine’s essential principles.
  • the basic manual release technique.

Discover a technique to relieve pain with Dr Jimi Wollumbin's 'Myofascial Meridians: Foundations'.

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November 24, 2021
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