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Perfect Pitch With Kevin Harrington

Perfect Pitch With Kevin Harrington

Understand the best methods to pitch your business, product, service, or get investment.

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Thank you for joining the Perfect Pitch Program! You are one pitch away from fulfilling your dream, and we want to help you get there!

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on Shark Tank, and Inventor of the Infomercial
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Learn the methods to pitch your business, product, or service and get investors.
From the original shark on Shark Tank who's heard over 50k pitches for products and investments, Kevin Harrington reveals the top way to pitch your business for success. Learn how to get someone's attention, bring them through the process of why they should care, and get the outcome you desire.
You'll get a detailed walk-through of:

  • The steps and methods required to create the perfect pitch.
  • How to turn your pitch into a done deal.
  • The proven pitch formula that works based on years of professional experience.

Make the pitch that sells every single time with Brian Harrington's "Perfect Pitch With Kevin Harrington".

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Lifetime Access
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January 12, 2022
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