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Picture Book Essentials

Picture Book Essentials

I like to work with writers through their entire process, from shaping concept, to learning the right craft tools to polish the project, and on to marketing to agents and finally working through the editorial process to publication and beyond. I believe no one holds a writer's hand as well as I do.

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Thank you for choosing Picture Book Essentials On Demand. I think you will learn a lot about the craft and the industry that you didn't know before. Good luck on your writing journey!

Joyce Sweeney
Joyce Sweeney, award-winning author, teacher, editor, and co-founder of Sweeney Writing Coach
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Befriend your inner child and create engaging children's books that kids love.

Writing a picture book is a great way to gift your stories to the next generation of readers. Picture Book Essentials covers everything an aspiring picture book author needs.

  • Learn to think like a child again
  • Shape your story to fit the picture book format
  • Create characters kids love and plots they enjoy

Graduates of Picture Book Essentials have gone on to secure agents and publishing deals.

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November 26, 2020
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