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Plant Based Diet Cooking Course with Walter Trupp

Plant Based Diet Cooking Course with Walter Trupp

Enjoy access to a selection of natural whole-foods recipes for meals and snacks that are easy to re-create, great for pre-cooking, and super healthy!

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Thank you and congratulations on joining my course- Plant Based Diet with Walter Trupp. Enjoy learning and creating some amazing vegetarian dishes with me.

Walter Trupp
International Michelin Star chef, teacher, author, and founder of Trupp - The Chef's Table Cooking School.
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Product description

Cook plant based dishes with ease and get fantastic results with a Michelin Star chef.

When you increase your technical skill and understand your product and you will soon be cooking just like a Michelin Star chef! Get full access to the combined result of many questions asked, problems presented, and solutions given to over 30,000 home cooks in countless face-to-face cooking classes.

You'll learn:

  • Important cooking techniques to make cooking easier that you can use across many other dishes.
  • Trade secrets to wholegrain preparation and storing for everyday use.
  • How to create dishes like Chickpea & Vegetable Tagine and Mushroom & Chestnut Casserole like a pro.

Get Michelin Star training with Walter Trupp's Plant Based Online Cooking Course.

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Lifetime Access
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August 18, 2021
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