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Plotting Your Novel With The Plot Clock

Plotting Your Novel With The Plot Clock

The Plot Clock provides a visual map of your story arc, the timing of the events, and an effective structure on which to build your novel.

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Thank you, dear writer! May these time-tested techniques (pun-possibly intended!!) empower your work and enlighten your writing-way. In words and pages

Joyce Sweeney, Jamie Morris & Tia Levings
Joyce Sweeney, novelist and writing coach. Jamie Morris, writing coach. Tia Levings, novelist and creative marketer.
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Discover the best timing for plot twists with The Plot Clock.

Whether you're a 'plotter' or a 'pantster', you need to keep track of two things. 1) The emotional development of your characters. 2) The timeline of your novel. The Plot Clock helps you to track both!

  • Identify key story points to hit the major writing beats
  • Track your characters' emotional journeys and crucial plot points
  • Troubleshoot sagging or plodding sections of your story

Make your plots work for you with "The Plot Clock" inside The Writer's Craft Super Stack.

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November 26, 2020
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