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Podcast PR Mastery

Podcast PR Mastery

Podcast guesting is the fastest way to gain massive exposure and grow your audience fast. Find out how to research the right shows for you, send pitches that get you booked, and deliver interviews that captivate listeners and pull them back to your show.

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Hey there! Thanks so much for signing up for Podcast PR Mastery!

Podcast guesting is the secret sauce all of my 6 & 7-figure clients use to grow their audiences and I'm excited to share the techniques with you to help grow yours.

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Jeremy Enns
Jeremy Enns is the founder of Counterweight Creative, creator of Podcast Marketing Academy, and a firm believer in empathetic, generous marketing.
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Get booked on podcasts and get in front of thousands of your ideal customers and clients.
What would it do for your business if every single week for the next 3 months, you were able to get in front of thousands of your ideal customers or clients? 
No matter what type of business you're in, that type of exposure would go a long way to helping you grow your audience, make more money, and create the impact you're seeking to make.
The best way to get that kind of exposure? Guesting on other people's podcasts.
In Podcast PR Mastery you'll learn how to: 

  • Target the right shows for YOUR business to ensure you're not wasting your time pitching and guesting on shows that won't get you results (most people get this wrong and waste a lot of time here!).
  • Quickly and easily discover hundreds of shows that are an ideal fit for you.
    - Get the personal contact information of the hosts so you can avoid gatekeepers and make a direct pitch to the host. 
  • Craft a compelling pitch that addresses exactly what podcast hosts want to hear and actually gets you booked.
  • Prepare for and deliver an interview that helps you stand out and leaves the audience wanting to find out more.
  • Prepare your digital marketing backend to make it easy for new followers to follow you back to your platforms, fall in love with your content, and become raving fans.

Understanding how to effectively pitch podcast hosts is the key to unlocking near-unlimited exposure to your ideal customers and clients. Podcast PR Mastery gives you the blueprint to create this exposure system for yourself.

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November 5, 2021
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