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Podcasting: Scale Your Production through Systems and Processes

Podcasting: Scale Your Production through Systems and Processes

Learn how to scale your podcast by designing a process, launching systems and outsourcing your entire production team.

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Thank you and Congratulations on your commitment to your voice, it is important to share your skills, knowledge and wisdom to your community. I am honored to take a small part in your journey. I hope you find my course useful as you grow and scale your impact.

Edwin Frondozo
Award-winning Podcaster and Technology Entrepreneur
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Automate and scale your podcast (saving time, money, and your sanity in the process).
Podcasting is fun and a great way to communicate ideas, build your brand, and grow your network. However, podcasting can become very time-consuming. Do you currently host a podcast but are getting tired of doing the entire production process yourself? Are you looking for ways to improve workflow and efficiency? Are you new to podcasting and want to create a sustainable production system? Then this class is for you!
In this class, you will discover a smooth and efficient podcast production workflow that will free your time and create a better-finished product. You will learn:

  • How to breakdown your workflow into separate phases.
  • How to simplify your processes into single tasks.
  • Define job roles and descriptions based on the functions.
  • Deploy a project management solution to assist in the production.
  • How to post and hire the right production team.

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November 5, 2021
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