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Pricing Your Work: How to Value Yourself as a Freelancer

Pricing Your Work: How to Value Yourself as a Freelancer

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Peggy Dean
Peggy Dean, Author, Artist & Educator
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Pricing Your Work is an eCourse that provides all of the information someone needs to jumpstart their confidence in how to set pricing for what they create and how to own their confidence while doing so.

How to price your work is a constant nagging question that eats at freelancers and they never know what the right answer is. Heck, they often don’t even have a ballpark to start in. That’s because pricing isn’t the same across the board and is highly determined on a lot of factors. How does a freelancer make it fair both to the client and to them? There are tricks for that. This class will provide a simple guide through multiple scenarios and topics on pricing work, including REAL numbers, whether someone is just beginning, has been at it for a while, or if they’re a professional designer. Look no further. It’s time to own your worth.

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October 15, 2020
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