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Receiving Energy Alignment Meditation Enhanced with The Instant Joy Process

Receiving Energy Alignment Meditation Enhanced with The Instant Joy Process

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Amy Flynn
Amy Flynn, Multidimensional Energy Shifter and transformational teacher
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Be Energetically Tuned to Infinite Receiving and Inner Joy!
Receive a constant flow of money, opportunities, people and gifts! RECEIVE what you ask for -- often very quickly!

This fully channeled gorgeous, easy to follow, soothing 25 minute guided energy alignment meditation works well! This is a ""light altered state"" meditation.

RECEIVING BONUS! When you are feeling Joyful what you desire flows effortlessly to you! The Instant Joy Process is included with the Receiving Alignment Meditation to connect you with deep inner Joy.

  • Throw the doors open to Receiving money, gifts, opportunities, relationships!
  • Two Soothing, relaxing, stress-relieving guided meditations
  • The results show up quickly! Often 1-3 days!
  • BONUS Instant Joy Process Meditation enhances your Attractiveness to Receiving
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December 17, 2020
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