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Revision Power: The Best Words to Write With

Revision Power: The Best Words to Write With

Craft beginnings to hook the reader, middles that compel them to stay, and endings that leave them eager to read more of your work.

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Congrats! After you read this book and implement the information, your revisions will go to the next level. I'm thrilled you got this! Read it cover to cover because you now own a truly valuable tool to help you revise.

Katie Davis
Bestselling author and Director of the Institute for Writers & Institute of Children’s Literature.
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Boost your story with the power of words.
Dive into this clever resource and give your story the benefit of several years of research on the richness and subtleties of the English language with writing techniques guaranteed to make your story shine.

  • Learn how to craft beginnings with a brilliant hook
  • Find out the secret to fast paced middles that keeps the pages turning
  • Discover how to craft dialogue and descriptions that sizzle, and endings that leave readers wanting more

Level up your writer's toolkit with Katie Davis's 'Revision Power: The Best Words to Write With'.

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June 9, 2021
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