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Show Don't Tell Drills

Show Don't Tell Drills

A method anyone can use to master the 'Show Don't Tell Technique'.

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Thank you for getting "Show Don't Tell Drills." I look forward to seeing your skills grow week after week. Put in the work, you'll harvest the rewards.

Britt Malka
Writer by choice and by heart
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Master the 'Show Don't Tell Technique' and become a better, faster writer.

The show don't tell technique is a must for both fiction and non-fiction writers. When it's handled well, it drags the reader down into your book and lets them stay there until they reach the last page.
Inside, your journey to showing and not telling includes:

  • Fun and interesting exercises to help your cross the barrier from telling to showing.
  • A method that will make showing instead of telling second nature to you.
  • Individual feedback from Britt Malka.

Make your book a page-turner with Britt Malka's 'Show Don't Tell Drills'.

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November 24, 2021
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