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Sleep Stress Away

Sleep Stress Away

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Karrie Brazaski
Karrie Brazaski, a Stress & Burnout Recovery Expert helps tame chaos & frustration caused by stress.
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Sleep Stress Away, the ultimate sleep bundle to get a good night’s sleep.

Everyone needs a good slumber. Too often we let stress and chaos keep us up at night. This creates an endless cycle of being tired, cranky, and frustrated. You can end that now!


  • Going to bed at a decent hour each night
  • Waking up refreshed in the morning
  • Having energy at the end of your day
  • Being more productive and happy during your day
  • Experiencing less stress and chaos in your day

Don't just imagine it. Experience it first hand. With this program, you can stress less and sleep better immediately!

What's included

  • 5 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep Training Video
  • Breathwork for Stress & Sleep Video
  • Peace & Relaxation Yoga Nidra mp3
  • Sleep Yoga Nidra mp3

Stop Stressing, Sleeping Better NOW!

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August 13, 2020
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