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Stress is a Decision: 40 Simple Habits to Defeat Stress and Find Inner Peace

Stress is a Decision: 40 Simple Habits to Defeat Stress and Find Inner Peace

40 astounding habits, techniques and tricks from this book are guaranteed to immunize you against stress.

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Dr. Detlef Beeker
International Amazon bestselling author Prof. Dr. Detlef Beeker.
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40 super-easy habits, techniques, and tricks to obliterate stress and overwhelm

Imagine you are always relaxed, even at work. How about if you had inner peace in every situation, even in the thickest quarrel with your partner?

20 year veteran happiness researcher, anti-stress expert, and bestselling author Prof. Dr. Detlef Beeker is ready to show you in a practical, jargon-free way:

  • How to let go of relationship stress and make your partnership blossom
  • Anti-stress switches you can press to relieve stress in seconds
  • The secret Qi Gong technique that improves your mood effortlessly

Discover these and many more easy-to-learn habits you can put to use immediately. It's time to say goodbye to stress and overwhelm once and for all!

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January 6, 2021
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