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Super System For Authors Masterclass

Super System For Authors Masterclass

How to write your book this weekend AND at the same time create a course and an audiobook!

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Thank you so much for accessing Super System For Authors. I am convinced that having a framework like this will help you write high-quality books rapidly, and assist you in building your own "super system" for the future.

Ray Brehm
Entrepreneur, Founder of Ghostlauncher, The Co-Author Project and Co-Founder of The Virtual Summit System
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Discover how to write your book in a weekend!

The biggest reason most authors struggle to translate thoughts and ideas onto paper is lack of a writing framework. The Super System for Authors framework is something you can use right away (and also helps you discover your own framework).

I recently hosted a virtual summit, and needed a book to give away free. Because I had a system in place (the Super System framework), I was able to write the book in 4 hours.

Must not have been that good, right? Wrong. That book helped me make a 20k sale within a week.

Learn how to write your book fast with Ray Brehm's 'Super System For Authors Masterclass'

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November 24, 2021
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