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Taking Out the Carbage

Taking Out the Carbage

Personal, yet whimsical and informed plunge into lowering carbs through recipes plus insight from celebrity chef George Stella.

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Thank you for grabbing my book. It’s literally a slice of my heart and soul. Should you ever need anything, have a question, or just need a bit of a boost, don’t hesitate to track me down on my contact page. I’m here to help!

DJ Foodie
Bestselling author, professional chef, recipe developer
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Personal, yet whimsical and informed plunge into lowering carbs.
A perfect starting point; it contains not just recipes, but the rules and know-how to get you there. With a foreword by celebrity chef and good friend George Stella, an influential voice in the ketogenic & low-carb lifestyle community, this is far more than an ordinary cookbook, this book is all-in-one!

What you'll get:

  • 574 pages and 226 delectable low-carb, low-glycemic, high fat recipes, with a strong focus on REAL FOODS.
  • An extremely detailed nutritional analysis of each recipe, broken down by ingredient. Know exactly where your nutrients are coming from!
  • A complete two-week meal plan to take some of the work out of ketogenic living, plus a secret third week and tips on how you can easily create your own meal plan.
  • Ingredient lists, organized by carb count, to help guide you as you’re planning your meals.
  • A little something sweet… a comprehensive look at modern sugar alternatives
  • Easy-to-follow dietary guidelines, including which foods are okay to eat and which foods to avoid at all costs
  • Plenty of sound weight loss advice, including snack ideas, exercise recommendations, and effective ways to deal with cravings Go low-carb with ease and expertise with DJ Foodie's 'Taking Out the Carbage'.
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November 24, 2021
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