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Teacher's Manual for Sixth through Twelfth Grades

Teacher's Manual for Sixth through Twelfth Grades

Everything you need to know to Homeschool Middle and High School without Worry

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Hey there! Thanks so much for downloading my Teacher's Manual for Sixth through Twelfth Grades! I'm so excited that you are choosing to homeschool hgh school and I hope my manual makes it a lot easier for you! Blessings to you, Dana

Dana Wilson
Dana Wilson, co-author at Epi Kardia Home Education and founder of Train up a Child Publishing. Awarded 2019 Reader Award for her curriculum by Practical Homeschooling Magazine
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You Can Do It! Homeschool Middle and High Schoolers With Confidence

The Teacher's Manual for Sixth through Twelfth Grades will help homeschooling parents provide an excellent education for their middle and high school students. (And make homeschooling high school a LOT less scary!) In this authoritative e-book you will learn how to:

• Prepare your student for the Language Arts portion of the SAT with our English Skills Checklists

• Learn how to teach history, science, language arts, and fine arts so learning sticks

• Discover how to confidently teach and evaluate your student's writing

Get ready to successfully launch your homeschoolers from high school!

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April 7, 2021
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