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Teaching Writer’s Workshop To Young Learners

Teaching Writer’s Workshop To Young Learners

From illustrations to three-part stories, your child can teach Writer’s Workshop To Young Learners become a strong writer, publishing story after story with this guide.

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Crystal Radke
Crystal Radke, Amazon bestselling author, educational leader, and speaker. She writes the website kreativeinlife.com. You can also find her on Teachers Pay Teachers as Kreative in Kinder.
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Teach Your Primary-Aged Child the Art of Writing Stories

Teaching Writer’s Workshop To Young Learners will help parents and teachers understand basic writing principals and how to teach primary aged children in a developmentally appropriate sequence. Children will exit this program with a strong writing foundation and a love for storytelling.

• Get new ideas and techniques for creating successful young writers
• Includes book examples, pictures of mini lesson resource charts and student examples
• By the end of the school year, your child will have the ability to write three part stories

Building a solid foundation in writing and storytelling will set your child on course for written success both creatively and academically.

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April 7, 2021
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