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The 28 Day Gut Kickstart

The 28 Day Gut Kickstart

The "28 Day Gut Kickstart" is a sustainable fast-track nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness program to revolutionize your health, from the inside out.

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Here's to a whole lotta gut love about to go on!

Dr. Lauryn Lax
Author and creator of "Total Gut Reset", featured on USA Today, ABC, Good Morning America, CBS News, Women's Health, and Guidepost
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Revolutionize Your Health in Just 28 Days!

Your gut is the gateway to optimal health. If you looking for a sustainable, fast-track program to nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness that will transform your health from the inside out, look no further! No gimmicks, crazy diets, or dogmas to tackle, just good honest changes to your nutrition anyone can master.

Jump in to take advantage of:

  • A sustainable (non-diet) nutrition blueprint to fuel your body for life.
  • The best supplements to take, and no more wasted money.
  • Uplevel your gut health and kiss bloating, constipation, a sluggish metabolism, low energy, and brain fog "Goodbye".

Change how you feel forever with these game-changing gut habits. It's time to know what it feels like to feel really good. Start your 28 days today!

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April 14, 2021
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