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The Book Success Mastery Programme (12 Month Membership)

The Book Success Mastery Programme (12 Month Membership)

Designed to prepare new/aspiring non-fiction writers for writing success.

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Hey there,

Thanks so much for your interest in the Book Success Mastery Programme. You have made an excellent choice. Now…dive right in. Don’t procrastinate. Here are your next steps for each module after watching all the intro stuff:

1. Watch the videos
2. Get inspired with the motivational coaching session
3. Complete the post-module activity

At the end of the video, I have a personal message for you. So don’t skip this.

Get Started. Take action today to get the ball rolling with your book aspirations.

Keep Creating!


Grace Gladys Famoriyo
Award-winning author, speaker & coach, book writing & publishing guru, founder of GraceTheAuthor Academy
Value: $127.00

Product description

Designed to prepare new/aspiring non-fiction writers for writing success.

Written for aspiring/new non-fiction writers, this program aims to give you a strong foundation to build your writing goals and give you success strategies to help you become a savvy writer, promote sales, and build a following.

Covering topics on writing, editing, printing, and marketing, you'll fast track your knowledge with powerful industry secrets to:

  • Shape your idea and write books your audience wants and will pay for.
  • Insider tips and tricks to skyrocket book sales and build your following.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that erode your profit.

PLUS: Get 3 amazing bonuses exclusive to the Writer's Craft 2.0 Super Stack.
Become the author you deserve to be with Grace Gladys Famoriyo's 'The Book Success Mastery Programme (12 Month Membership)'.

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12 Month Access
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November 24, 2021
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