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The Green Macarons: 100% Plant-based & Vegan Potato Protein

The Green Macarons: 100% Plant-based & Vegan Potato Protein

Create pastry products and food everyone can eat regardless of their diets.

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Your continued support is what motivates to write more books on sustainable baking and free-from food and pastry products. Thank you.

Rommel Reyes
Pastry Chef and author of 'The Green Macarons, Les Macarons Verts and Pastry Deco - 10 Vegan Pastry Decoration Recipes'.
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Product description

Now it is possible to make high-quality dairy-free desserts!

A patisserie book full of fresh new ideas and techniques for making plant-based macarons.

  • Learn how to make vegan macarons in different shapes, color and sizes.
  • Contains recipes that you can use as elements to other pastries and cakes.
  • Helps you develop your creativity in pastry making.

Enjoy all the sweet things you love with Rommel Reyes's 'The Green Macarons: 100% Plant-based & Vegan Potato Protein'.

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August 18, 2021
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