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The Gut Health Protocol

The Gut Health Protocol

Reverse leaky gut, reduce stress and improve your gut/brain connection with the recipes and meal plans inside The Gut Health Protocol.

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This entire protocol is made to guide you step-by-step through removing the toxins and irritating foods standing in the way of your peaceful digestion, so you can experience the joy and energy of your mind and body in the alignment of mind, body, and soul in health!

First of all, I’d love for you to consider this an investment of time rather than a cost. My goal with this program is to guide and support you in discovering exactly why you’re not feeling as energetic, vibrant, and joyful as you’d like to … so you can begin restoring balance through nutrition.

If you’re ready to feel great again, then this is your time!

Suzanne Taylor-King
Founder of Taylor'd Wellness, author, and speaker
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Reverse Leaky Gut With This Holistic Health Protocol

Not sure if you have a leaky gut? Find out with the test included inside The Gut Health Protocol. If you do, you'll also learn how to heal the leaky gut through a combination of delicious recipes, a 7-day meal plan, shopping lists, and supplement guides. 

The program tackles gut health in the body as a whole, so you'll:

  • Learn about the role of digestive enzymes - both for good and bad.
  • Explore the gut/brain connection through a bonus guide.
  • Reduce stress with a specially-designed meditation program.

Enjoy the lifelong benefits of improved gut health in both your body and mind.

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April 14, 2021
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