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The Keto Family Class

The Keto Family Class

Put delicious meals on your table that your family will love, and get into ketosis within 24 hours with the Keto Family Class!

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Thank you for your interest in the Keto Family Class! I'm excited to see what keto does for you! Of my students, I've had moms and dads shed over 100 lbs of unwanted weight so they have the energy and health to play with their children again, be able to cut back on or completely stop medications, and get that energy boost and mental health boost that comes when you run on fat rather than carbs! I've had children greatly reduce learning disorders, lose weight if needed, and gain weight from failure to thrive! I can't wait to have you get started!

Cara Comini
Writer at Health, Home and Happiness blog since 2008
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"Get your whole family into keto.

Tired of making one meal for your family, and another for yourself? Why not get your whole family onto a ketogenic diet and enjoy the benefits together? 'The Keto Family Class' includes 3-meal-a-day meal plans to save you the time and stress of designing balanced meals for everyone.

  • Learn how to make delicious keto-friendly meals like pizza, tacos, and pudding
  • Follow guidelines to meet everyone's nutritional needs - even toddlers
  • Get your questions answered on weekly webinars

Enjoy a family-friendly keto diet with Cara Comini's 'The Keto Family Class'."

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May 4, 2021
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