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The Novel Factory (free annual subscription)

The Novel Factory (free annual subscription)

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The Novel Factory
The Novel Factory is productivity software for novel writers.
Value: $75.00

Product description

Help bring order to the chaos of creativity.

The Novel Factory is software which helps new authors complete their first manuscript and established authors become more productive. It saves time and frustration by keeping track of characters, locations, drafts, subplots and much more.

  • Includes a comprehensive step by step guide to writing a novel and practical bite-sized tasks to help you learn while you write
  • Manage your characters easily and develop them with detailed questionnaires
  • Clear structured ways to organize all your writing notes so you’re not drowning in disorganized scraps of paper

Make writing a breeze with The Novel Factory.

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12 Month Access
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November 26, 2020
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Step 1. Go ahead and sign up for the free trial by inputting your info and clicking on "Register for Free Trial"
Step 2. When on the main page, look in the upper right and click on the head icon to drop down your account menu.
Step 3. Then click on "Subscription Plan" Then click on "Subscribe" under the basic plan.
Step 4. In the window that opens, enter your country and zip.
Step 5. On the next window click "Add Coupon" Enter your coupon code (WRITERSCRAFT) and click "Add Coupon" Then continue to check out as normal.

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