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The Power of Journaling Online Workshop

The Power of Journaling Online Workshop

Reconnect to your true feelings and innermost wisdom through journal writing - learn how to listen to your gut and change your life!

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Thank you for joining my Power of Journaling Online Workshop. I’m excited for you to connect deeply to your heart, and your gut! With the right techniques, it can become your safe haven - providing support and clarity whenever and wherever you need it. Lots of love, Elicia

Elicia Miller
Founder of Core Emotional Healing®, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Journaling Facilitator & Candida Expert
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Access the Wisdom of Your Body Through an Easy Psychological Practice.

There's a reason we call intuition our gut instinct. But sometimes it can be hard to reconnect with our feelings and inner guidance. Journaling is an effective psychological tool to work through the root of your gut issues, your problems and emotions, and to move towards whole-body healing.

In this online workshop, you'll learn:

  • The benefits of journaling (and why it's so effective).
  • What to journal about and how to use it to heal your health.
  • 16 journaling techniques to give you unique perspectives on your problems and health issues.

Create joy in your life and improve your physical health with the insights you'll gain from journaling.

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Lifetime Access
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April 14, 2021
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Step 5. Check your inbox for an email from elicia@eliciamiller.com. Follow instructions to access your 2-hour workshop. You will receive both an audio and a video file that you can download and listen to (or watch) again and again, as well as a printable PDF workbook.

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