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The Truth About Digestive Disorders

The Truth About Digestive Disorders

Get to the root cause of gastrointestinal distress once and for all and eliminate your chronic symptoms for good!

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Welcome to the course! We at East-West Health powered by Anodyne are so thrilled to be supporting you on your wellness journey. If you start implementing these tools and techniques, you will experience a massive positive change in your wellbeing. Happy learning!

Regan Archibald
LAc, FMP, CSSAc, graduated M.Sc. from the Traditional Chinese Medical College, Hawaii and founder of the award-winning clinic, East West Health in 2004
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Eliminate your Chronic Gastro Distress Symptoms for Good!
If you're frustrated by chronic gas, bloat, digestive pain, discomfort, frequent trips to the bathroom, general IBS, and still haven't found relief beyond conventional diets and medications, this course is for you.

  • Access the knowledge of a leading functional medicine specialist and his team of health professionals from their clinic in the US.
  • Learn how to get straight to the root cause of your gastro issues.
  • Discover how to overcome your gastro issues with solutions that work just for you and fit with your personal needs.

Make your digestion woes vanish with Regan Archibald's 'The Truth About Digestive Disorders'.

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April 14, 2021
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