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The Uncensored Truth About Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

The Uncensored Truth About Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Find out what each nutritional supplement really does and whether or not you actually need it.

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Jonny Bowden
PhD, CNS, board-certified nutritionist, bestselling author of 15 books, featured in the new film 'Fat Fiction' and popular guest of every major US television network.
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Supercharge your life with the best vitamins, minerals and superstar nutrients
With so many supplements on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. Dr. Jonny cuts through the hype with this reader-friendly, entertaining reference on all 13 vitamins, the essential and trace minerals, plus a few superstar supplements like omega-3.

  • Discover which supplements make sense for you to use and which are a waste of time
  • Based on scientific research and written by one of the world's top nutrition experts
  • Get the information you need to save time and money and feel good round the clock
    Boost your keto life with Dr. Jonny Bowden's 'The Uncensored Truth About Vitamin & Mineral Supplements'.
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February 4, 2021
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