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Thriller Outlining 101

Thriller Outlining 101

Outline a page-turning thriller in just a few hours.

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Mike Dickson
Founder, FictionFormula.com
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Outline a page-turning thriller in just a few hours.
Quickly model and outline your next thriller with a proven plot guide that takes the guesswork out of planning your outline and has your story ready for writing in no time.

  • Discover the 4 major stages and seven milestones in thriller story structure and how your story depends on them.
  • Immerse yourself in the short story, 'The Criminal' to unpack its structure, plus go in-depth with examples of each major stage from thriller movies.
  • Learn where to place your focus as you craft your outline to create pacey, popular thriller readers will love.

Get the edge on thriller writing with Mike Dickson's 'Thriller Outlining 101'.

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November 24, 2021
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