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Todo Cloud: Task List & Goal Tracker (3 Months Premium Subscription)

Todo Cloud: Task List & Goal Tracker (3 Months Premium Subscription)

Daily plan, track & finish tasks like simple grocery shopping lists or complex multi-person projects and achieve goals. Todo Cloud was an Apple Life Hack & Macworld says it, “…oozes with awesomeness.

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After 10+ years of building the best productivity system in this market category, we have had millions of users realize improved work results and we appreciate every single one of them including you. We are committed to helping people do more of the things that matter most in life. If you see anything that needs improvement, send me an email and we'll reply.

Best wishes,
Chris Keller
SVP, Operations & Marketing

Chris Keller
SVP, Operations & Marketing, Todo Cloud
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Product description

Keep track of everything, easily.

Todo Cloud is perfect for students, working professionals, stay-at-home parents or retirees who need to track all types of work from simple shopping checklists to multi-person projects. Users call this an indispensable app that is easy to get work done. This is so simple it can replace all your hand-written lists and yet it is advanced for multi-step projects across time and teams. Todo Cloud is easy to share work with others. When they finish a task, you'll get notified.

Set a task alert to trigger when you have arrived or left a location. Now when you get home, you have your task list present or when you pass by that store, don't forget to swing in to buy that certain item.

Not only that, but advanced recurring logic allow you to repeat tasks when completed or by date.

Get 3 months of this premium app with your copy of Your Best Year Yet 2.0.

Level of Access:
3 Month Access
Expire date:
January 7, 2021
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Step 3. Download the app on all your devices (mobile, desktop, web) https://www.appigo.com/downloads/
Step 4. Log in and begin using.
Step 5. If you need any support email support@appigo.com

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