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Values Based Decision-Making

Values Based Decision-Making

Make great choices fast, at work and personally.

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Yvonne Lines
Founder of SmartLife.tips, Creator of "Values Based Decision-Making”
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Make great choices fast, at work and personally.

Our decisions build on themselves to create our lives, so even small choices can lead to great significance. This course will set you up to make great decisions at work, business, and in your personal life.

You'll learn the:

  • Effects of decision-making based on your values plus build your personal set of values and goals to direct your own choices.
  • Difference between values, ethics, goals, mission, vision, and beliefs.
  • The equation to use for great decisions plus 5 supporting tips to make sure your decisions go smoothly.

Gain direction and meaning in your life with Yvonne Lines's 'Values Based Decision-Making'.

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November 24, 2021
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