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Virtual Orator (6-month free trial subscription)

Virtual Orator (6-month free trial subscription)

Discover the power of VR training to perfect your public speaking and pitching skills from the privacy of your living room!

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We are excited to be able to help a next generation of coaches be prepared for such a crucial part of the craft. We are sure you will find Virtual Orator a valuable tool and look forward to hearing from you.

Kristopher J Blom
Virtual Orator is the leading public speaking virtual reality training software.
Value: $200.00

Product description

Stand out from the crowd and close more clients with Virtual Orator.
Virtual Orator helps you get the targeted experience so you can take your public speaking skills to the next level. It is a professional Virtual Reality (VR) software that provides realistic speaking situations ideal for all levels and training needs. VR is ideal for getting over your butterflies or fears, but being able to get realistic practice with Virtual Orator can help everyone to deliver higher levels of coaching:

  • Adjustable to your current needs, with various venues and audience attitudes and behaviors
  • Always available, whenever you need it. Unique experiences are generated every time you start it so you can train as frequently as you need.
  • Practice with your own slides or writing on the whiteboard or flip chart

With your purchase of Coach to Profit 2.0, you get a never before offered 6 months extended trial of the full software for your training needs. Be prepared for such a central component of coaching by getting the right practice in Virtual Orator.

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6 Month Access
Expire date:
July 21, 2021
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