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World Building Workshop for Fantasy Writing

World Building Workshop for Fantasy Writing

Create a fantasy world of wonder your readers will want to get lost in.

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Thank you for joining the World Building Workshop! You're on your way to creating a believable and compelling world that will enchant your readers. I can't wait to see what you dream up!

Jason Link
Bestselling online writing instructor and author of "The Legender"
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Create a fantasy world of wonder your readers will want to get lost in.

The massive task of world-building doesn't have to be daunting! This course breaks the stages down into manageable chunks to help you build your world from the ground up.
You'll learn how to establish rules for your world to make it believable and compelling, including how to:

  • Map out your world with natural features (mountains, rivers, forests, etc.) and people-made features (countries, cities, and roads).
  • Plan out your world's timeline to get the big picture of your world's story.
  • Create fantastic creatures that survive in your world's habitats, and develop peoples and races and establish their societies and cultures.

Take your readers to fantastical places with Jason Link's 'World Building Workshop for Fantasy Writing'.

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November 24, 2021
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