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Writing Active Setting: Master Setting for your Stories

Writing Active Setting: Master Setting for your Stories

Discover the difference between an Ordinary Setting that bogs down your story, and an Active Setting that empowers and enriches your story.

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Writing of any type is a shared journey of discovery. Thank you for taking this opportunity and I wish you every success in your writing!

Mary Buckham
USA Today Bestselling author and nationally recognized speaker on writing
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Write with settings that empower and enrich your story.
It's time to give your setting an active role in your story! Use deep POV to spin boring descriptions into engaging prose plus discover if you’re maximizing the setting possibilities in YOUR story.
Learn through examples from published and just-learning authors. Translate writing theory into practical understanding that you can put to work right now. Take the course at your own pace and discover even more examples in the accompanying e-book.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between active and passive settings and how this impacts your story.
  • How setting can show characterization.
  • How setting impacts character conflict…both internal and external.

Make your setting come to life with Mary Buckham's 'Writing Active Setting: Master Setting for your Stories'.

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November 24, 2021
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